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The (ISC)² Foundation is honored to announce the formation of the NEW Harold F. Tipton Memorial Fund.

Continuing his legacy as 'the champion of the CISSP' and a founder of (ISC)²

Help continue Hal’s legacy as one of the most influential security professionals of our time. His mentorship and tireless work ethic impacted thousands of security professionals and students around the world and continue to drive (ISC)²’s mission and vision today. Often referred to as ‘the grandfather of the CISSP’, Hal’s work with our organization as CBK Committee Chair, Past President, Chief Instructor, and Ambassador was key to the formation of (ISC)². His charitable, driven, forward-thinking spirit will live on through this new scholarship.

The (ISC)² Foundation Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship Fund was established, through the support of (ISC)² members, to provide passionate, aspiring young information security professionals the means to follow the pathway to industry excellence, as constructed by Mr. Tipton.

Those wishing to apply must first be granted an (ISC)² Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship. We look forward to recognizing the first Tipton Memorial Scholarship recipient at the second annual (ISC)² Security Congress in Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A. in September 2012.


Hal had the patience to sit and talk to me about my career in Security. During our conversation, Hal provided an insight into a world that I would eventually join.


Hal Tipton was not only one of the founding fathers of (ISC)², he was a unique individual - one of a kind. Once he latched onto an idea or a task, he stayed with it through thick and thin, never letting go or letting up, and continually improving whatever he was dealing with.

John O'Leary, CISSP

We would not be where we are today as the professionals and protectors of those systems that run our industries, government, and critical infrastructure without leaders like Harold Tipton.

Ross A. Leo
Vice President & CTO at Insyte LLC

The information security profession has lost a great mentor. However, his legacy lives on through each of us who practice the profession today and well into the future.


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