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Official (ISC)Instructor-Led Training from the Convenience of your Computer


Official (ISC)2 Training

The course, delivered by an (ISC)2 Authorised Instructor, is constantly updated by (ISC)2 to cover the ever evolving course content and corresponding examination. This is the guarantee that the training you receive is the most relevant and complete solution for your studies. 

Unlimited Access to Sessions

Sessions are delivered live and they are all archived so you can access them as many times as you want for the whole duration of the training with the ability to directly email the instructor with questions.

Exam Voucher

You will receive an exam voucher saving you the trouble to pay separately. The voucher has 12-month validity, allowing you to schedule according to your own study plan. Also included is the most current edition of the Official (ISC)2 Study Guide.

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The format of the training: every Tuesday and Thursday from 18.00 to 20.30 BST over 8 weeks, gives you plenty of time to organise a comprehensive study plan around the Live sessions.

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January 14 to March 6

Includes Exam Voucher and Official (ISC)2 Study Guide

Or Contact Nathaniel Ford
nford@isc2.org  |  +44 (0)203 283 4380

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